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What is TurnON?

We've found something extraordinary. And, we want to share it with you. It's called TurnON. And, it's everyone's most natural state! It's pure joy, aliveness, play and connection. It's available to everyone, all the time. We want everyone, everywhere to live a life TurnedON. Together, we ignite TurnON!

TurnON: [turn{on}] : verb (something that happens in the body)
  • To raise the body heat, leaving the individual feeling as though they may perspire
  • To feel tingles in random parts of the body, letting the individual know those parts are awake
  • To encounter cheeks getting flushed, often leaving the individual feel seen To ignite, as to feel more alive and alert
TurnON occurs from many different things. Maybe you saw someone you thought was cute. Maybe you had an inappropriate thought cross your mind.

Maybe you saw something that inspired or even pissed you off. Many things/people/conversations leave us with this ignited feeling in our body. (yes, deep down we all like the feeling of TurnON!) You know it's TurnON because it ignites -- as though your body is giving you a cue, shouting out "I'm ALIVE in here"!

TurnON leaves you feeling more alert, ignited and happy.

TurnON is the ignition that leads to more of what we really want in life. It is the first step to knowing what is possible.

TurnON is an event designed specifically to give people the opportunity to feel TurnON in themselves. (p.s., it's totally PG-13)
It's an event where, through only talking, we begin to experience these exhilarating, normal, often ignored feelings -- referred to as TurnON.
A room of people (cool, fun people)engage in honest, humorous, playful conversation around topics we mostly only consider having in our head.

TurnOn leads to authenticity and authenticity leads to the kind of connection we hope for around the globe.

This event leaves you invigorated, happy and inspired. We are meant to live TurnedON.

*Orgasmic Meditation® (OM) is a registered trademark of OneTaste Incorporated, and is used with permission.

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